Jeremy Olson - ‘Alternative Realities’ (2009-10)
Beth Cavener Stichter - ‘Come Undone’ (2012)
Harun Farocki – 'Parallel' (2012)
Douglas Florian - ‘Yesh Ganesh’ (2011)
Balthazar Korab - 'Information desk, Trans World Airlines Terminal, John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, New York' (1956-6)
The faint six pixels in the middle, slightly to the left of this photo is earth (taken from mars). It is us, home to you, everyone you’ve ever loved, everyone you’ve ever known and every human being that has ever lived.

Shunryu Suzuki

Bent Ballers / Twisted Players
Jonathan Zawada
I recently designed some merch for one of my current favourite bands! You can experience them here and check out another of the designs I did for them here.